Josh McIver

Josh McIver

Co-Founder & CEO at ULedger, Inc.

Josh McIver is the founder and CEO of ULedger, a leading blockchain solution for data integrity and verification. For over 15 years Josh McIver has been advancing software technology startups and guiding companies through strategic planning and execution. Josh began his professional career as a consultant at Deloitte, and later led business development and strategy at The World Table, an early adopter of blockchain technology for community engagement.

Josh launched ULedger in 2015 to provide companies and governments a blockchain solution that does not require upgrading existing IT infrastructure to secure and certify large data sets. Uledger counts a Big 4 accounting firm, healthcare companies, governments, and financial services firms as clients. Josh is a graduate of the University of Utah with a BS in Accounting and holds an MBA from the University of Denver. Josh is committed to developing a better world through blockchain technology.

ULedger is an early mover software company in the Blockchain-as- protocol ecosystem focused on bringing truth and transparency to data by seamlessly making existing data infrastructures Blockchain-enabled. Our focus is providing solutions for our customers that require increasing levels of data protection, integrity andprovability for current and future cyber threats and regulations.

ULedger has developed a cutting-edge FutureTech Exposolution that enables our clients to create a permanent, independent multi-party record of any type of data, whether it’s an electronic medical record, image, contract, journal entry, email, IoT, Edge Computing or any other type of data. Our audit trail solution logs the creation and activity of data and ties the data to a legal identity (person or thing). The audit trail report allows for easy access to the original data for investigation and proof.

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